There are two questions that I get asked all the time: “What should I eat?” and “What do you think about vaccines?”  The first question will have to be addressed in another article.  I’m writing this article so that when people ask me my opinion on vaccines, I can just send them here – for my opinion.  If you are not interested in my opinion, stop reading now because that’s what follows.

More than anything, I’m tired of getting into Facebook fights with people who have ZERO background in science.  If you do have a background in science, and you’ve done legitimate research (see TED Talk reference below about how much of your research is tainted by marketing – even where you think it isn’t) and, I’m not talking “I went to a medical conference sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and I saw presentations about how to get patients to comply with vaccine schedules.”  If you have actually read the vaccine package inserts and investigated the ingredients…  If you truly comprehend the inherent risks of vaccinations – the adjuvants, the preservatives, the attenuated pathogens – and you still think it’s a good idea to inject dozens of them into anyone without the option of sucking it back out if there’s a reaction – then I respect your well-educated difference of opinion.

However, most people who ask me my opinion on the topic are not well-versed in science, so let me give you some of the reasons why I’m not a proponent of today’s love affair with vaccines.

  1. “Safe” does not mean harmless. The government definition of safe means that they have estimated (I repeat, estimated) the amount of damage that the vaccines will cause and they are OK with that.  Vaccines are not nutrients.  They are meant to damage the body to a certain extent so that the immune system responds to the damage.
  2. The original intent behind vaccines was to mimic exposure to the pathogens in nature so the body can build immunity to them should a person/animal ever come in contact with said pathogen. Let me ask you, where in nature would an infant be exposed to EIGHTEEN different pathogens in its first few days of life?  Not even in third world countries.
  3. Vaccines are a revenue source for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals/clinics. Newborns are being vaccinated against sexually transmitted Hepatitis more than a decade before they reach sexual maturity.  Boys are being vaccinated against HPV, a virus that they could carry but only affects girls/women.  Flu shots that, according to the package insert, have never been proven to be effective against the flu are being given to millions – even after it’s been reported that the manufacturer “picked the wrong strains again this year”.   Why all the buzz around vaccines?  Because the pharmaceutical industry is starting to feel their grip slipping.  So they rile up the masses, spread propaganda, and create outrage so that scared people rise up against those who bucked the system.
  4. People think that getting a vaccine is a hard and fast guarantee that they are “safe” from a disease. Not true in many cases.  Countless people contract the diseases they were supposedly “immunized” against.  Shingles, Mumps, Flu, Pneumonia, etc.  And then people blame those who chose not to be vaccinated.  If you think that you can vaccinate your kid against everything and proceed to feed them fluorescent colored, aspartame flavored, chemically preserved carbohydrates and they’re going to be “healthy”, you have possibly been misled.
  5. Who’s making the choice to pass on some or all vaccines? Most often it’s highly educated people.  If you look at the demographics of low-vaccination rate areas, they are not the poor and uneducated people who trust those who they perceive as knowing what is best for them.  It’s the highly educated people who stop for a moment and think “Wait a minute. This just doesn’t seem right.” – and they dig deeper.  They are not getting their “knowledge” from Good Morning America.

Fundamentally, truly horrible nutrition is at the base of most disease.  The body cannot build healthy cells or a strong immune system if, instead of being well-nourished, it is being slowly poisoned by “food” with a shelf life that lasts longer than a presidential term.

If you read this article looking to further educate yourself about vaccines, I applaud your effort.  Before you go, there are two videos that you must watch.  One is a roughly ten-minute TED Talk and the other is a documentary called “The Greater Good” (see below).  The first will enlighten you to the fact that much of the information you find in your research about vaccines is actually carefully crafted propaganda.  Seriously, watch it.  I promise you will be shaking your head afterwards when you realize how you’ve been had.  The second, “The Greater Good”, will show you some real people who were unlucky enough to be in that acceptable percentage of damage caused by “safe” vaccines.

Regardless, I respect your right to your opinion, and I appreciate the same.

TED Talk:

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