As people continue to live unhealthy lifestyles; eating processed foods, drinking lots of soda and coffee, and not getting enough rest, the more they are experiencing bouts with a cold or flu.  Here are some simple, natural ways to fight these pesky bugs!

Are you always cold?

1)  Alkalize & Detoxify!  Pathogens (germs) thrive in an acidic environment.  Your body becomes acidic when you eat a lot of processed foods and simple sugars.  Start by avoiding white sugar, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, white pasta, candy, and highly processed foods.  Then, work on creating an alkaline environment in your body by eating lots of veggies especially leafy greens.  A simple way to do detoxify is to start your day with a mug of hot water with a tablespoon or two of raw apple cider vinegar (must be raw – look for “Bragg’s” brand or similar) or fresh lemon juice (not “Real Lemon” which has chemical preservatives).  You can add a dollop of raw honey if you need it to be a little sweeter but try it first.  Choose other alkalizing foods like avocados, watermelon, lima beans, almonds or raw almond butter, fresh beets, radishes, celery, cabbage, cilantro, kale, garlic, broccoli and green beans.  Here’s a chart on acidifying and alkalizing foods:

Garlic is one of nature’s immune boosters

2) Garlic!  Garlic is one of nature’s best antibiotics.  Eat as much fresh garlic as you can when you are fighting a bug!  Garlic pills will help too but fresh, raw garlic is the most powerful.  You can put it over any of the veggies listed in #1, mince some and add it to a salad, or do as one of my friends does and suck on a clove of garlic when you feel a bug coming on.  He’s a teacher and he almost never gets sick even with all those kid-germs floating around.

3) Neti Pot!  A neti pot is used to rinse the sinuses with warm, salt water.  When you wash out the nasal cavity, you are washing out germs and debris that gets caught in your nostrils so that they can continue to filter out bad stuff.  If you aren’t using a neti pot to cleanse your sinuses and nostrils, it’s sort of like vacuuming without emptying the vacuum cleaner bag – you might catch a few things but you won’t really be cleaning very well.  Here’s a good video on how to use a neti pot.  I’ll be honest, it’s not glamorous but it’s highly effective.  Pediatricians who have started recommending the use of a neti pot have noticed that they are doing far fewer tonsillectomies.  It does take a little practice.  Try not to watch in the mirror – keeping your head at that angle will make the salty water run down your throat.  It’s kind of gross (speaking from experience!).  Also, use the special neti salt.

Try the Wet Socks Remedy

4) Wet Socks!  I know what you’re thinking… wet socks will make you sick, not make you better.  Here’s the deal…  There’s an old natural health remedy that works incredibly well at rousing your immune system to fight off infections of all sorts.  You would start by getting your feet nice and warm by either taking a hot shower or bath or soaking them in a hot basin.  While your feet are heating up, have a pair of cotton socks soaking in some ice water.  When you get out of the shower (or however you warmed up your tootsies), dry off and get your jammies on quickly.  Wring out the ice-cold cotton socks and put them on, then cover them with a pair of wool socks.  Get into bed and stay there.  Be prepared to get pretty hot – your body reacts to the suddenly cold feet by raising your body temperature (a simulated fever) to fry any germs.  Of course you should monitor your body temp so you don’t get too hot but that is unlikely.  For an added kicker, before you put the cold cotton socks on, put 2-3 drops of Thieves Essential Oil Blend on the bottoms of your feet (it’s a natural germ killer!)—free-shipping

Are You “Sick & Tired”?

5) Sleep!  There’s a reason the words “sick” and “tired” go hand in hand!  Your body goes into restoration mode during deep sleep.  If you are running yourself ragged and shortchanging your Zzz’s, you are setting yourself up for some unscheduled downtime!  If there’s a bug going around you home, school, or work be sure that you are getting to bed early and not burning the candle at both ends.  A rested immune system is a strong immune system!

As always, the information in these articles are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe for, or cure any condition.  Please consult your preferred health provider when choosing a wellness program.

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