Equestrians are among the busiest people I know.  In addition to working and running a household, equestrians make time to care for half-ton creatures – and we are usually great at all three!  Having horses gives us a tremendous understanding of responsibility and we carry that responsibility to our jobs and our households so that we are queens of multi-tasking.  However, after spending all that energy on work, home, and horse – we often neglect our own needs.

The foundation of my business is based on the fact that the horse is only half of the equation and in order for the horse and rider team to perform to their highest potential; both halves of the team must be in balance – body, mind, and spirit.

We typically do an excellent job of ensuring that our horse is in balance.  They get top nutrition, a steady exercise program, regular hoof-care, downtime, and rest – some even get massages, chiropractic care, herbal supplements and more.  At Naturally Unbridled, I like to say that I focus on the half “above the saddle”.  Let’s talk about that half – What have you done for YOU lately?

Many equestrians who come to me to learn about coaching programs list “time” as a big challenge for them.  Taking that into consideration, I put together a home-study course that allows the busy equestrian to self-coach on their own schedule.  Some people do a little each day while others will go through half the course on a day when they are home taking care of the house.  The point is that the course was designed so that it will work for even the busiest equestrian.

There are two tips that I’ll provide to help you to find time to take charge of your own holistic health.  The first is to schedule it in.  Make appointments with yourself.  Set alarms in your cell phone to tell you that it’s time to take your supplements.  Have a walking date with a friend or neighbor where you walk every _______ (days) at ________ (times) and schedule that into your phone or calendar too.  Once it becomes part of your schedule, it becomes part of your routine, and then part of your life.  You can even schedule in some time to prepare healthy meals or snacks so that you have them on hand when busy days don’t allow much time for food preparation.

The second tip is to make the most of your “down-time” How long does it take you to drive to work, clean the house, fold laundry, or clean stalls?  Use this time for self-improvement by listening to podcasts or coaching recordings on your iPod.  I like to use my 1-hour commute to the barn to listen to seminars from my business coach or podcasts by nutritionists I like.  I use this time to get inspired and motivated.  Some of my best ideas when I’m just driving, or folding clothes and tuning in to my earphones.

If you are like most equestrians and you take better care of your horse, your family, and your job than you do yourself, become the master of your own time.  As a busy equestrian, I know that time is a precious commodity.  I also know that being in balance, holistically, benefits not only my connection to my horse but all other areas of my life as well.  Shouldn’t we all be as healthy as a horse?


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