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Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Weed Eater Too?

ShareWeed: A Gift from Nature Where You Least Expect It Like most people who grew up in the suburbs, I believed the TV commercials that dandelions were the devil’s spawn and should be destroyed and eliminated before they spread like a cancer.  Wow, was I wrong! There’s a philosophy that nature will provide the resources […]

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Signs Your Thyroid Might be on the Fritz – Even if You’re On Medication

ShareThe thyroid is an endocrine (hormone-secreting) gland that is in charge of multiple bodily functions.  The entire blood supply of the body passes through the thyroid every 17 minutes.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty important little gland.  Sadly, it’s also one that fails on an alarmingly frequent level.  The #4 most […]

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Patti’s Fundamentals for Wellness

ShareEvery wellness professional has a collection of suggestions that they make to almost every client.  These are the basics, the foundation of a wellness program.  I decided to list some of my fundamentals here to help you on your way to reaching your wellness goals. 1)      Hydrate: Depending on your age, you are anywhere from […]

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