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ECPR: Emotional Center Point Release


ShareDid you know that if you struggle to have a conversation about a certain topic (money, sex, marriage, etc.) it may be because you received an emotional trauma before you were old enough to speak?  You don’t have words now, because you didn’t have words then. Throughout my years as a wellness professional, I have […]

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Oh My Head! Holistic Strategies for Your Head

Oh my head!

ShareMigraines and Headaches are a leading cause of lost time at work and lost days of your life.  It isn’t normal. It’s your body’s way of screaming at you that it needs help.  Prescription and over-the-counter drugs may bring temporary relief, but not without toxic side effects (research your drugs at Common causes of […]

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BioEnergetic Assessments with Selena Miller

ShareJOURNEY: In 1993, Selena Miller began her formal training in the natural health field.  Shortly thereafter she started her wellness practice.  As the years went on she continued to expand her education and supported clients with increasingly complicated wellness challenges.  Her success in the field gained the attention of other practitioner and wellness companies leading to […]

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