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Natural Husband Management

This is not "Happily Ever After"

ShareOK, I say this tongue-in-cheek for sure, but it got your attention!  We all know that the healthiest relationships are partnerships.  This class is about outlining some things that one partner can do to help the other partner and you both benefit in the process.   I’m really talking about how you can utilize natural [...]

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How to Take Supplements without Gagging or Getting Them Caught In Your Throat

ShareClients frequently tell me that they dislike taking supplement capsules because they gag or the pills get stuck in their throat.  I have some tips for you. If you gag on pills:   If attempting to swallow capsules or pills has you gagging (or worse) there are a few techniques you can try to eliminate this [...]

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Go Gluten-Free in 3 (March, that is)!

Go Gluten-Free in 3

ShareMarch is National Go Gluten-Free Month! Just one thing: I have seen and spoken with countless people who have dramatically improved their life and health by eliminate ONE ingredient from their diet… gluten!  The most recent was a client of mine who had daily migraines for twenty years – two decades of suffering she can never [...]

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