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Tick and Lyme Prevention

ShareWe frequently get asked about natural methods for keeping ticks off of people and animals and also about how to prevent contracting Lyme disease when there is a tick bite.  This article will give you some tips on those topics. Keeping ticks off. Your best bet is a clothing barrier and throwing clothes in the […]

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Signs Your Liver Isn’t Happy

Share The liver is the largest organ within the body and is considered vital for life.  It plays many roles from digestion to hormone balance.  This organ, over time, can become congested and its function may be reduced.  When this happens, your body will find a way to talk to you to let you know […]

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So Your Thyroid Tested Normal, HUH?

ShareSomething made you decide to get your thyroid checked.  Maybe your hands and feet were always freezing and your face and tongue felt puffy.  Perhaps your eyebrows and hair were thinning.  Were you fatigued and/or having trouble losing weight or sleeping?  Were constipation or infertility an issue?  The list of signs that your thyroid may be […]

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