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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Prismatic Energy Balancing

ShareJust like a prism redirects and refracts light, there are geometric tools that can be used to balance the energy field. We amplify the effects of these tools by having you lay on a mat embedded with amethyst and accentuate the therapy with aromas (essential oils) and isochronic tones (sets brainwave patterns to calm), this comprehensive energy therapy provides […]

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BioEnergetic Assessments with Selena Miller

ShareJOURNEY: In 1993, Selena Miller began her formal training in the natural health field.  Shortly thereafter she started her wellness practice.  As the years went on she continued to expand her education and supported clients with increasingly complicated wellness challenges.  Her success in the field gained the attention of other practitioner and wellness companies leading to […]

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Decisions, Decisions – How About ALL of Them?

ShareSince natural and holistic medicine has been around as long as there have been humans around, there are dozens and dozens of options for people looking to naturally support their wellness goals.  It is always helpful when a friend or family member can share about a great experience, but sometimes you just don’t know what […]

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