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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Question of the Day: What Should I Eat?

ShareWhen a person makes the decision to take control of their health, one of the things they quickly learn is that they probably need to make some significant changes to how they eat.  This, more than anything, seems to be the most overwhelming part of a wellness program for some people.   I wrote an entire […]

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Have You Done a Re-Tox Program?

ShareIn my natural health center, I see many clients who have had bad experiences in the past when they were doing a detox program.  They were moody, had headaches and body aches, nausea, diarrhea, and brain fog.  That’s because they didn’t really do a detox – they did a Re-tox! Think of your body like […]

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A Basic Introduction to Flower Essences

ShareIn the natural health world there is sometimes a little confusion that needs to be cleared up.  Some people mistakenly use the words “Holistic” and “Homeopathic” interchangeably, while others think that “Essential Oils” are the same as “Flower Essences”.  So let’s just start with some basic vocabulary. Holistic – A comprehensive, natural approach to wellness.  […]

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