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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Need a Tax Deduction? Here’s an Option for You!

Share  Whether you currenlty have your own business or you want to take advantage of the tax benefits, income potential and/or product discounts, this article will have some great information for you. I use Essential Oils as part of my business of helping people and animals to naturally improve their lives and health. You could enjoy […]

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My Mother Talks to Dead People

ShareWhen I tell people that my mother is a psychic medium, a channel, their responses vary greatly.  Many people immediately ask for her number.  Others ask what it was like growing up with a psychic mother (she actually didn’t tap into her gift until I was grown).  And then there are the people who think […]

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Are You on Acid? Maybe You Should Be!

ShareOk, it’s not what you think.  I’m not talking about “that” type of acid; today I’m talking about stomach acid.  Now, you may be even more confused because you’ve never heard a commercial telling you to do anything but block your stomach acid.  So, I want to share some thoughts. Stomach acid is critical for […]

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