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Monthly Archives: October 2010

“Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet” Equestrians Lose Sight of Self-Care

“Ridden hard and put away wet!” This age old expression brings to mind an image of a horse that worked rigorously and was not properly cared for. You can picture the animal galloping along, doing her job, breathing heavily and working up a lather; then not getting the care that she needs and deserves. You know, kind of like many Equestrians who work hard to take care of their horses, their families, their homes and their work and when it comes to caring for themselves… well, they’re “put away wet”.

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The ABC’s of Natural Health – Part I

With so many people moving toward natural health modalities, it seems appropriate to review some common terms in the natural health field.

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Healthy As a Horse

As Equestrians, we know a lot about health. Maybe not a lot about human health, but we know a lot about equine health. We know that our horses need a high quality diet in order to look and perform to their potential. We know that diet alone isn’t enough.

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