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Intuitive Reiki with Shannon Amberg, PhD

Dr. Shannon Amberg  is a Reiki practitioner who has the gift of intuition.  When she does a Reiki healing session on a client, she can’t help but to get intuitive messages that will enhance their healing.

Shannon joins the NUW team as a certified Holy Fire Usui Tibetan Reiki practitioner and intuitive guide. Her background and education are in the environmental field and her doctoral education focused on how people interact with and experience the natural environment. Since obtaining her Ph.D. in 2008, Shannon has been drawn to teaching and studying how a deep connection to nature can rejuvenate and help heal emotional, physical, and mental challenges. She created and taught a Spiritual Ecology class at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.  Studying energy healing was a natural next step in her progression to understanding the connections between people and nature, and how nature can help heal.

While Shannon uses the traditional hand positions during Reiki sessions, her specific style is highly intuitive, meaning she is also strongly guided by her intuition and psychic awareness to the parts of the body that are in most need of healing at the time. During healing sessions, it is common for Shannon to receive visions, insights, and messages about physical and emotional challenges in need of focused attention or are in the process of healing.

Shannon also has two small boys that she loves spending time with in nature. Together with her husband of 15 years, adventures ensue with camping, fishing, swimming, treasure hunts, hiking, campfires, and beach time.
Particularly skilled at connecting to babies who are planning on joining your family (even before the pregnancy!) so she will be a great asset to all of our fertility clients!  I call her the “Baby Psychic!”
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Tick and Lyme Prevention

We frequently get asked about natural methods for keeping ticks off of people and animals and also about how to prevent contracting Lyme disease when there is a tick bite.  This article will give you some tips on those topics.

Deer tick nymphs are the size of a poppy seed.

Keeping ticks off. Your best bet is a clothing barrier and throwing clothes in the wash when you come in from outside.  Include a hat too.  The deer tick nymphs are the size of a poppy seed and are carried on the wind. No tick repellent will keep them off of you once they are airborne; they just land where they land.  Yes, the nymphs can also carry tick-borne infections.

Spray Repellent: For adult ticks, again, clothing is your best prevention, but unless you want to wear a wetsuit all summer, you might need some additional help.  You can make your own essential oil spray.  Use witch hazel as a base and include several drops of cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, thyme, clove and geranium – or ANY combination of those.  Use a glass spray bottle because essential oils degrade plastic pretty quickly.  You may need to reapply somewhat frequently as essential oils are volatile and tend to evaporate.

Stinky: There is some evidence to support the use of garlic for tick (and flea/fly) prevention.  Of course, eating lots of garlic or taking garlic pills may keep more than just the bugs away!  This seems to work for pets and horses too.

Removal: If you do find a tick attached, you want to safely remove it.  I have had good results with putting one drop of peppermint essential oil on the tick and having it back out on its own.  There are also some tick removing gadgets on the market, but you’d have to have that handy.  This cotton swab technique is pretty impressive.  Be sure to disinfect the bite afterwards with tea tree oil.

Our “Tick Bite Trio”

Tick Bite Trio: We have had success in our office with having people take three remedies in combination as soon as they find a tick attached (or a bullseye rash – which occurs less than 40% of the time).  We like Berberine, Bacteria-Chord (or Bacteria-Tox  or LymeStat), and Lymph Tone One in frequent doses for the days following the tick bite.

Preventative: It may be helpful to simply take a dose of Berberine and a dose of Bacteria-Chord (or Bacteria-Tox or LymeStat) every day during tick season.  Children over one year old can be dosed at one drop per 5 lbs. of body weight.  Pets may be dosed in their water.

Getting Support: We see several clients with Lyme disease every week.  While it is rewarding to work with them, we’d prefer that no one contracted Lyme or its many coinfections.  If you suspect (or know) that you have Lyme, please check out our Holistic Strategies for Lyme Disease page.

Purchases: We carry (or can order) all of the products in this article.  Please let us know if you need anything.


The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe for any disease or condition.  Please consult your healthcare provider when making wellness choices.

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Acupuncture at NUW

Ellen Arndorfer, Acupuncturist

Ellen Arndorfer began studying Oriental Medicine in China in 1985 and has been a practicing acupuncturist for nearly 30 years.  She has been licensed in the state of Wisconsin since 1990, after graduating from the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture.  She is part owner of the Viroqua Healing Arts Center, and has been supporting La Crosse area clients for years.  We are thrilled to have Ellen’s expertise here, at the Naturally Unbridled Wellness Holistic Therapies Center.

Ellen did post-graduate study in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and has worked with herbal medicines for the past 25 years.

In 2005, seeking a deeper spiritual understanding of her art, Ellen embarked on the study of Classical Five Element Acupuncture at the Institute of Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Santa Monica, California, completing the full course of study.

Now, drawing from the depth of her education and the breadth of her experience, Ellen practices both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.

“You read the books diligently for 20 years.  You study what the ancestors have done and you graciously utilize their knowledge to serve humanity.  After the first 20 years, you give your books to your students and practice from a different place, an artistic place where the rules bend in their own unique way.”                 – Acupuncture teacher

Ellen’s personal life feeds her practice, helping her understand what it means to have a full and integrated life.  She is a wife and the mother of two grown children; is a 25-year supporter of CSAs; a member of a twice-weekly workout group; part of an ongoing women’s group; and an active member of her small town community.

Ellen holds a deep respect for the healing power of the human body and feels honored to assist her patients on their journey toward wholeness.

Ellen is in our office on Thursdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  

Call to book an appointment or book HERE or via the MindBody App.

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